BPD Circle discord host! Please make sure to browse the rules whenever you join.

If you wish to speak to other people with BPD, make friends, help one another, and overall just make brand new connections in a secure destination, here is the host for you personally! This host has a section dedicated to data recovery and positivity, and aims to be an optimistic and supportive space and to help individuals inside their data recovery.

All you have to join escort girls in Burbank the host is always to have BPD/BPD traits/be seriously questioning it; self dx is 100% fine ofc!

additionally, i will be good at spotting trolls and you will be fast to mute/kick/ban them, and certainly will have multiple mods here who are able to perform some exact same.

NOTE: listed here kinds of individuals are banned into the server: TERFs, truscum/transmeds, alt-right/facists/neo-nazies, pedophiles/MAPs, bigots, or anybody that supports/sympathises by using these teams.

Please DM me/send an off anon ask for a web link to become listed on!

Hey dudes this team is truly lesbophobic. I acquired kicked down and got plenty of hate for saying you should be a lesbian to express d*ke and you need to be a female to be a lesbian (I include trans feamales in that declaration) usually do not join this server

Really exactly what happened is a NB lesbian used the d slur, and you also, a cis person, chose to behave as an expert on sex and simply tell him he can’t be a lesbian. We kicked you cause you’re enbyphobic, simple and plain. I understand you’re gonna attempt to fight me personally into the replies therefore I’m saying now as a cis person I’m not gonna argue with you with this.

I’ll inform you what I stated in DMs: tune in to some NB lesbians.

I really like how claim that is ppl things yet do not include screencaps or a supply that this shit really took place. very easy to have screencaps of text conversations @bpdisfun

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Therapists aren’t individuals who you “pay to imagine to care you pay to teach you how to care for yourself about you”, therapists are people

Me personally: i will be violently depressed.

Therapist: Oh! appears like you have to do YOGA! That will assist!

Me personally: *signs up for yoga*

Me personally: *is violently depressed in Downward Dog*

Me personally: I hate myself and just see my flaws

Therapist: ok allows refocus on things you would like about your self. This week I would like you in an attempt to journal about nutrients you’ve on your own yet others.

Me personally: *does the homework* yeah but i still hate myself but feel bad cause i needn’t

Therapist: feeling yourself is a step in the right direction like you shouldn’t hate. Psychological state is complex and it isn’t something which will

enhance. we now have a lot of efforts mind of us but I’ll be right here that will help you.

TL;DR end perpetuating the basic proven fact that treatments are unhelpful as the results are maybe not instantaneous.

As a psychologist the quantity of bullshit on this website, the total amount of fucking dangerous bullshit on this website on how treatment is neurotypical bullshit and isn’t worth every penny and exactly how workout is useless and healthy diet is useless and that treatment research is useless DRIVES ME WITHIN THE FUCKING WALL

Workout is fucking important.good diet is fucking importanttherapy is fucking important.WHY.

because pills alone don’t help. they enhance the hormone imbalance (as does workout and balanced nutrition which are also a form of very genuine self care as your real being is sorta linked to your psychological one but get fucking figure right?), but you know what? the suicidal thoughts, the ideas of damage, the ideas of hating yourself, they’re nevertheless there. suicides actually increase when medicated. why? because suddenly you’ve got the power to satisfy ideas of harming yourself. and that’s why you will need treatment alongside pills.

it offers taken you years, or years to generate your maladaptive idea procedures and behaviours. that shit doesn’t disappear instantly. core values don’t modification instantly. they are ab muscles fucking core of one’s personhood, your being and character. THAT DOES TAKE TIME TO IMPROVE


The stigma that therapy isn’t worth every penny in the event that you don’t feel much better after the very first few sessions is bullshit that is such. I was taken by it 8 months to inform my therapist anything individual but We kept going because i needed to obtain better. We thought it was bs too whenever she kept telling us to think of other activities and also to distract myself whenever I have actually intrusive thoughts (maybe not precise words whatsoever). Now it is 2 and a years that are half and I also can effectively switch from considering all of the means i possibly could destroy myself towards the track Slippery by Migos and instantly begin laughing. You’ll want to allow you be helped by it.

Y’all should just find a therapist that is good really allow them to assist, which help yourselves.

I necessary to see your

no clue just what post youre dealing with but i dont utilize this weblog anymore and a lot of my views on bpd have actually changed since ive been active

Therefore, it’s best for her to delete the bpdbuddies server, and I support that choice as you guys may have seen, Krissi decided. Along with her blessing, I’ve chose to make my very own BPD discord server both for individuals from bpdbuddies to keep linked to one another, as well as brand new individuals to join!

Each other, and overall just make new connections in a safe place, this is the server for you if you want to talk to others with BPD, make friends, support! This host has a section specialized in data recovery and positivity, and aims to be an optimistic and supportive area and to help individuals within their data recovery.